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Unfortunately we live in a world where policies must exist, therefore, we have a few rules like everyone else. Everyone hates rules, we do too. Unfortunately, we have to have them to keep everyone playing fairly.

Our rental process is quick and painless - there are better things to be doing than filling out paperwork. So, to expedite the process, we have 3 simple steps to get you on the road. First, sign the required 3 documents (rental agreement, liability waiver, and check in/out sheet), second, pay your damage deposit, and third, complete our quick overview of the bike. Then it’s on the road (or trail)!

Here are a few of our important policies for you to know:

Each customer is required to purchase the basic mandatory insurance policy for our motorcycle rentals. The high deductible policy has a $2500 deductible and $2500 damage deposit and is $15/day. The low deductible policy has a $1500 deductible and a $1500 damage deposit and is $30/day. You are HIGHLY encouraged to have your own medical insurance in place before renting.

Reservation Deposit Policy
Reservation deposits are $50 per rental day. Due to the nature of this business, RESERVATION DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, and are applied to your rental total. Please note that a credit card is required for final payment. Final payment for the total rental cost is due 14 days prior to rental start date. Cancellations must be received in writing and refunds are issued at 100% of payment (minus reservation deposit) 15 + days prior to rental start date, 50% of payment (minus reservation deposit) 7-14 days prior to rental start date, and 0% less than 7 days prior to rental start date.

Motorcycle Availability
We try in every way possible to provide you with the exact motorcycle you requested and rented. We do occasionally have times when the bike you rented comes back damaged from the previous renter and we have to order parts which causes a delay beyond your rental dates. In that case we will provide you with the next closest motorcycle (dependent on availability) for the same cost.

Damage Deposit Policy
A damage deposit is required before you take possession of the motorcycle and payment must be made by credit card. The deposit is fully refundable pending the return of the motorcycle in the condition that it was presented to you. Funds from the damage deposit will be used to cover any damages or losses that occur to the motorcycle while in the renter’s possession. If an insurance claim is necessary, the renter will forfeit the entire damage deposit to cover the cost of the deductible and administrative costs. Additional fees may be levied for missed rentals due to the bike being out of commission for your repairs. We do not charge for normal “wear and tear”. Minor cosmetic scratches that fit within the cosmetic template shown at checkout are considered normal; however, scratches on components that would affect the performance, comfort, handling, or legality of the motorcycle, or would substantially reduce the resale value of the motorcycle will be repaired or replaced at the renter’s expense. Any portion or part of the motorcycle or its accessories that are cracked, bent, broken, dented, or missing will be repaired or replaced at CMA’s sole discretion, and the funds will be retained from the damage deposit to cover any costs associated with the repair or replacement. OEM parts will be used and labor will be performed at an appropriate authorized dealer or service center. Flat tires are NOT considered normal wear and tear and will be billable, both parts and labor. You are not entitled to any parts or accessories that have to be replaced.

Late Fees

Due to the nature of our business it is extremely important that you return your motorcycle by your designated return time. Many times we turn motorcycles the same day, therefore, if you are late returning your bike you will cause the next renter to miss his/her rental. Because of this scenario there are late fees involved in missing your return time. We give you a 30 minute grace period past your return time free of charge. If you are more than 30 minutes late, but less than an hour there is a $50 late fee per bike. If you are one hour to two hours late there is a $100 late fee per bike. If you are over two hours late, then you will be charged another full day rental rate on your motorcycle. If your return time is the end of the day (4:30pm) and you are more than 30 minutes late (we close at 5pm), you will be charged an extra days rental and required to turn the bike in the next business morning by 9am.